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Articles open for comment include:
A Riven River, by Keith Armstrong
Loft Living - Bombay Calling by Dave Byrne
The Great Newcastle Reform Demonstration of 1819 by John Charlton
Socialist activity in fifties Tyneside by John Charlton.
Other Publications
Reader's Guide: A User Guide to Materials on Radical North East History, intended to help users to become acquainted with material on North East radical history (labour, socialist, radical, feminist). It could include books, archives, film, photography and web sites
About the North East Labour History Society
Officers and Committee (2008-09)
The History of NELH - the first 30 years
Who Was Who?: a growing archive of obituaries of figures from the history of the labour movement in the north east of England. These include:
Dave Atkinson 1915-2007
Don Edwards 1912-2005
Eric Neilson Walker 1921-2003
Len Edmondson 1912-2006
Lionel Anwell 1909-2008

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NEH, the Society's Journal - past issues are still available. Search the index for articles on particular topics.

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Jessie & Mick (Lionel) Anwell 1993

Working class history: it's about people. Read about some of them in our Who Was Who section.